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Looking after your jewellery is essential and highly recommended to maintain its longevity. Various factors can have an impact on the condition of the pieces, hence why it is important that your GAMARROW jewellery remains properly stored, cleaned and repaired when needed. 


~ Use ultrasonic cleaning with caution ~
Be aware that not all gems and jewellery can be safely cleaned using this method. The vibrations caused by the machine could chip gems and the heat alter the appearance of stones. You should avoid performing such cleaning with a home device and let jewellery professionals take care of your GAMARROW jewellery if needed.
~ Wood ~ A non-abrasive microfiber cloth is recommended. Beeswax is going to be your best ally for keeping wood jewellery in perfect condition and maintaining its natural grain.
Do not polish more than once a month.
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Gems & Beads ~ Natural material and stones are very delicate and require extra care. Avoid cleaners, chemicals or even hot water. We recommend to use a soft cloth to gently wipe the surface and not tissue paper which is thicker and may cause scratching.
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Gold ~ The key is to proceed with caution. You can choose to visit a professional jeweller or give it a go at home. In that case, a gentle cleaning with a neutral soap, warm water and a soft microfibre cloth will do the trick. If your GAMARROW jewellery is set with gemstones or beads, make sure that you do not submerge the jewellery piece in water.


GAMARROW jewellery creations are made of solid gold and nothing less. This is a long-term investment and a token of quality as your gold jewellery will remain bright and untarnished over time... if taken good care of. It is essential that you protect it from knocks, chemicals, constant sunlight and heat.
Each stone is different and will evolve with you as you wear it, so take good care of it in everyday life:
- Avoid showering, bathing or any kind of constant contact with water, especially salty or chlorinated. gold
- Stay away from extreme temperatures and high humidity while wearing your jewellery. dfdgdgdkfgfggdgd
- Do not spray perfume or use bleach with your jewellery on. Chemicals could alter the aspect of the stones.
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You should avoid extreme humidity and heat as this may cause tarnishing. Prefer to store your GAMARROW creations a dry and cool place. An individual pouch or soft cloth is also recommended, to prevent your pieces from tangling and scratching each other.
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